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Responsive transactional emails, instantly

Design : beautiful template, instantly Copy : change the content, anytime Send : using our open source mailer, catapulte

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Make your unique avatar using deep neural network to transform your image.

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Build PDFs with an API call.

Make your template online. Send your data to the API. We build your PDF and let your know when it's ready to be downloaded, or send it by email.

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Smart Bucket

upload-resize-store as a service. Never worry about managing images in your project.

Other projects


Open source mailer you can host yourself. You can use it to quickly catapult your transactionnal emails to destination. It works with jolimail, the template builder, so that your boss|marketing team|client|designer can make the email template herself.

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material-ui theme editor

Define your colors Directly see the impact on your react components Download your theme and integrate it to your project

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Make OS X Great Again

We saw someone selling a simple software to get rid of macOS update notifications, and other small simple changes. We thought of a more radical approach.

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PyTorch and OpenCV ARM docker files

We needed a version of PyTorch to do some machine learning on a bunch of raspberry Pi. We couldn't find an easy way to do this. So we built x32 and x64 docker files to be able to easily have workers run on ARM architecture.

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